Tomei ARMS M7760 Turbo for EJ20/EJ25


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NEW! Tomei's ARMS turbos have recently been refreshed with billet wastegate actuators, new compressor covers, and lower prices!

Tomei's ARMS turbos are excellent choices for many makes and models, and are widely revered for their quick response and top end gains. The M7760 for EJ engines is no different - it retains excellent boost response similar to stock turbos (i.e. VF39, VF48, etc.) for great low end torque that will pin you to your seat, and it will hold boost better at high RPM. The ARMS M7760 is capable of 380 hp with supporting modifications, and with its fast spoolup you'll have power available whenever you want it. We recommend this turbo for daily driving, autocrossing, canyon driving, and track days. In any situation where spool time is crucial, the M7760 delivers.

The ARMS series is also recognized for its excellent fitment and great product support. ARMS turbos receive special attention to ensure they fit just like the parts they are replacing, just like every Tomei product. Each ARMS kit contains everything you need to install the turbo,  including detailed instructions for assembly and installation, fastening hardware, gaskets, and oil and coolant lines. ARMS turbos also have a 1 year limited warranty from Tomei - simply register your turbo with them after purchase and you are covered.

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